Daya Teknik- excavator bucket manufacturer

Daya Teknik - Malaysia's Leading Excavator Bucket Manufacturer

The Humble beginning

Established in the 1970’s, with our first manufacturing site located in Sg Buloh industrial area, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Daya Teknik began supplying quality and customized excavator attachments to customers all around Malaysia. Daya Teknik has become one of the trusted heavy machinery attachments manufacturer in Malaysia by words of mouth. Eventually, Daya Teknik has developed an extensive network with our business partners throughout Asia.

Product Development

Excavator attachments are our core products, which includes excavator bucket, wheel loader, clamp bucket, amphibious bucket, excavator arm and boom, grapple and many more. Our range of product soon expand to fabrication of customized office cabin, reconditioned steel container which can be used as office, worker quarter or any space of your imagination. Then, tractor and tractor parts joined the product family. With that addition, they made up the four core product categories Daya Teknik offers today, namely excavator attachment, cabin office, tractor trading and tractor parts distributor.

Belief and Values

This began with our founder who was born in 1944. He has experienced the recovery period post- World War II and also witnessing the industrial revolutions. There were ups and downs which made him holds on dearly to values of durability and practicality for every product designs. Each and every product not only has to perform well with its machine, but our founder insists that the product should last too.

Daya Values

What we do everyday

Daya Teknik continuously investing in our products research and development. Product innovations is in our every day’s core, from observing products putting at work, to designing stage, to each production steps, to completion delivery, till it is once at work site again. The process of refinery repeat itself again and again, day by day and year by year for over 30 years now, and still counting.

We believe that success would come only by offering customers the best quality and values.

The Ultimate Team

HB Tee , CEO

I envision for Daya Teknik to be the top excavator bucket specialist in Asia. We have over 40 years of experience in research and development of heavy machinery equipment. We are the go-to excavator attachment supplier for any excavation, construction , demolition works. I believe in providing values and solutions for customers. Most of our works revolve around special-made customized excavator attachments. And most of all, after-sales service differentiate us from the rest. 

I like 4WD in the jungle during my off days.

CY Tee, Chief Engineer

I make sure every product that is sent to customer is of high standard and functional-tested. From product conceptualization to product development, allowed me to have the 360 view of technical requirements and thus, space for improvement. 

I enrich my knowledge in engineering tools during my free times. And of course, attend to my lovely family. 

Mandy Profile Photo

Mandy Woo, Finance Manager

I oversees the finance and accounting books, ensuring good cashflow for the operations of the company. You probably won’t see me much in the guest area, as I normally working hard crunching numbers in my cubicle. 

Work-life balance is what I am practicing. My family will always be my first priority. And my health, of course. 

Hanisah Profile Photo

Hanisah Jufri, Procurement Manager

If you had called up the customer line, we have probably spoke on the phone before. I oversees the administration of documents to support each step of transaction, be it supplier facing or customer facing. Paying attention to details and ensuring a smooth flow in operation. 

I like beauty and health. Make-up is my hobby and I love learning it from the make-up artists from all around the world. 

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