How to maintain Excavator bucket? Tips you don’t want to miss.

Ever think that your machine have to to go through more buckets replacement than it should be? You are probably right about that.

It is not uncommon but yet, you can do something about it to prolong the excavator bucket lifespan. The optimal condition of a bucket allows the most efficient productivity rate and also prevent unnecessary down time. Hence, it is more cost-saving in long term. 

Maintenance of the excavator bucket is crucial. So, what should you do?

Choose the RIGHT bucket type for the job

Seems obvious but we can never stress this enough because it is SO important. 

This is where it makes the difference between heaven and hell. No joke.  The right excavator bucket makes the works done so swiftly and almost effortlessly. Save time. Save money.

The wrong type of excavator bucket, not a clean work done. Less efficient and may do damage not only the bucket itself but other attachments like the arm and boom or even the core machine itself. Most of all, the health and safety of your workers will be at risk. So NO, don’t go that route. 

Another very common mistake is using the bigger capacity bucket than it supposed to. Seems harmless isn’t it? Try wear a weighted glove and pick up a bag of beans one by one. You’ll know where the damage is, so with your machine. 

There is another article that elaborate more on this. Click here.


Check Bucket Before Every Use

We are talking about the visual checking here, doesn’t requires an engineering degree. Visual scanning for any abnormality, such as:

  • Damaged or loose wear plate
  • Over-worn bucket tips
  • Cracks in bucket
  • Cylinder leakage
  • Bucket is attached in alignment with the excavator arm

If the piece of machine was previously used for dirt handling, remember to remove the excessive dirt cakes before next use. Application of grease is usual practice in the industry to prevent dirt sticking and also protection of the excavator bucket. The application needs to be done regularly. 


Replace bucket teeth

Bucket tips or bucket teeth whichever you prefer to call them. Literally, they act like the front teeth “biting” into the materials. The bucket teeth condition does affect the efficiency greatly. Replace the bucket teeth when they are worn out. You might be thinking to save cost on the teeth to keep using them without any replacement, but guess what? the wear and tear will transfer to the adaptor or even the bucket body. A delayed cost requires a bigger pay back, that’s all we can tell you.

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Fun but NO

Excavator walking is fun and makes the machine comes alive like a dancing boy. But, no. Your excavator machine is not made for that. If you really have to do it once a while due to constrained situation, please go ahead but not doing it regularly or even repetitively. The amount of stress and strain exerted on the bucket is definitely going to shorten the lifespan of the bucket. It is also not recommended because of site workers safety is at risk. 

As Versatile As It Can Be

Don’t feel restrained or stressed out by all the big Nos mentioned. Excavator is definitely a highly versatile piece of machine and its applications is so wide. If you are not sure about whether your machine or the attachment can perform some types of task, always consult excavator bucket specialist first. So that you know what your options are and what are things to look out for. 

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