How to choose the right excavator bucket?

How to choose the right excavator bucket?

The variety of excavator buckets is HUGE. One can hardly show you all. It is might be a daunting task to choose which bucket is right for the job. 

Here in this article, we are going to give you a simple guide on where to start in this process. It is not a MUST-follow guide of course. We would like to hear from you too if you have your dedicated process. 

So, let’s dive in.

By machinery brand and model

Excavator bucket is categorized as heavy equipment attachment. So, it is just an attachment! So, knowing the piece of machinery for this attachment is the first step. As each brand of machinery have its series of models too. When fabricating the excavator bucket, it is essential to ensure a good fitting with the machinery by its model. 

Common brands in Malaysia is Hitachi, Komatsu, Volvo, Caterpillar, JCB and etc. 

By the task

For hard ground, wet soil, for wood logs or others? What kind of materials to be handled for the task? 

Digging Buckets

It appears from the basic design of the excavator bucket in general. Excavator bucket is designed for digging, stone to other materials. The softness or hardness of the ground will dictate the hardness, shape and length of the bucket teeth. 

Rock Buckets

Rock buckets are designed strong and sturdy. They are usually equipped with sharp teeth mounted straight or shaped differently to destroy the stone. 

Skeleton Buckets

As the name imply, it is a skeleton. They are usually a blend of ditch cleaning buckets and general duty buckets capabilities. It has the draining capability, picking up only the desired materials. 

Banana Buckets

The name is given due to the special shape of this bucket. Mainly used for trenching. It has open side plates and usually has small width opening. Particularly good for handling cohesive materials and easy unloading. 

By the capacity

The next thing you want to consider when ordering an excavator bucket is to consider the optimum capacity of the bucket. It directly affects the efficiency of the task. However, it doesn’t mean the bigger the better. Consider also your machinery capacity as well as the conditions of the area to be excavated. The excavator bucket capacity usually goes by Litre. 

It doesn’t sounds complicated right? It is easy when you break it down and most importantly, get the job done. 

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