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Customized Solutions

Heavy Duty Bucket

Excavator Attachments

Excavator or heavy equipment attachments. General purpose buckets, heavy duty buckets, logforks, grapple buckets, shank ripper, ditching buckets, etc.

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Case 580 L

Backhoe Loader

Fully imported units. Specially sourced from United States. All units are , short mileage, carefully inspected and reconditioned for maximal performance.

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Cabin Office

Cabin & Container

Office, worker quarter, vacation hub, storage warehouse…
Whatever you want it to be. These cabin or container are just so versatile. Sky is the limit.

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EX200 Sprocket

Undercarriage Parts

Tractor and excavator parts, ranging from bucket tip and adaptor, pin and retainer, side cutter, bucket side blades, idler, track links, track shoes, track roller, sprocket etc

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Malaysia’s Leading Excavator Bucket Manufacturer

Excavator attachments customization for every engineering need

DAYA TEKNIK is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in Malaysia. We specialized in excavator attachments or heavy machinery attachments, such as excavator buckets, excavator boom and arm, grapples and many more.

Armed with vast experience and professional knowledge from over 40 years, we have built extensive business network and have grown to become one of the most reliable excavator attachment suppliers in Asia Pacific region. OEM excavator attachment supplier for original branded excavators.

Malaysia’s Leading Excavator Attachments Manufacturer

Daya Teknik also offers undercarriage parts, cabin offices, and used backhoes. This portfolio of products enables us to be one of the most complete stops for any construction work needs.

As part of our contribution to civil development, we are not only going after high product quality but also product designs that bring the most value to our customers in terms of affordability and also productivity efficiency. Highly crafted customization is achieved with our sophisticated welding technology and integrated mechanic designs.

Peace of mind when you have Daya Product ® at your work sites.

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